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About TeachPar

TeachPar is elementary school teachers’ favorite online tool for managing assignments, class calendars, parent communication and more.

Our Why

We believe every child deserves access to a high-quality education, and we know that academic success requires a team effort. We want to make collaboration between parents and elementary school teachers easier through emerging technology — for the good of our students.

Manually tracking homework, assignments and student behavior can be challenging and time consuming for both parents and teachers. We can help with that.

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase behavioral and academic performance at low performing elementary schools across Texas by improving parental involvement and teacher communication.

TeachPar provides a direct connection between teachers and parents, leading to:

  • Better communication between parents and teachers
  • Easier organization of homework and assignments
  • Better collaboration between parents and children
  • Quick access to important information
  • More due dates and deadlines met
  • Higher student success rates
  • Less stress!


Can upload homework sheets, assign due dates, share behavior reports, schedule assignments in advance, and populate the online calendar with important reminders like class events and test dates. Teachers can also update each child's profile with necessary information for parents and communicate with parents directly through the convenient messaging tool.


Can track their child’s academic progress and view homework assignments, classroom calendars and important information from teachers. They can also communicate with teachers directly through the messaging tool.

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